Actual Interviews with Actual People: Eli Valley

In this installment of our series, “Actual Interviews with Actual People,” in which our host has conversations with actual, real interviewees, we’ll hear from cartoonist Eli Valley (@EliValley). He is a cartoonist whose work has been featured in The Nation, The New Republic, The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, among others. His new book is called, “Diaspora Boy: Comics on Crisis in America and Israel.” Visit his site for more. Credits: Writing and performances by Jamie Fountain and Jon Ehrens. Executive producer, head writer, and editor is Jon Ehrens. Theme music by Other Colors.

Actual Interviews with Actual People: Daniel Denvir

Well, we’re experimenting with a new idea here at the show: “Actual Interviews with Actual People.” And for our preliminary edition, we were joined by fellow podcaster Daniel Denvir, host of “The Dig.” It’s a “socialist” podcast associated with an obscure fringe publication called Jacobin. We talked about his little support group for like-minded Utopians called the D.S.A and why he hates democrats more than republicans.