Eavesdropping on Men: Tune It Lower

In this episode, we listen to what it’s like to get invited to a theme party. Then, we hear what it’s like when two old friends reunite and observe some of the subtle changes that have taken place over time. We’ll also eavesdrop on Kratom, a band that is trying to kickstart a Nu Metal revival movement. Finally, we’ll hear a parent cope with some new information about the lifestyle choices of his son.

Eavesdropping on Men: 7 to 9 Hours of Trolling

In the premier episode of Eavesdropping on Men, we listened to some interesting tape gathered in a dorm room at Swarthmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. Then, we listened in to a new kind of therapy session with a recording form the offices of Dr. Greg Gray.  We played a recording that shows just how the Amazon Echo changed the way we interact. And finally, we got a chance to sit in on a news room meeting at the new hip news site, Disscussifr.