The House is a Fucking Zoo, I Can’t Help Them

On today’s episode; We’ll visit the bank – yes, visit the actual neighborhood branch of one patron’s favorite banking establishment! Also, former Senator Harris Boggs tells us about how partisanship is ruining the government. And, we hear an example of new frontiers in the gig economy. Finally, w’re privy to how pop stars are made. Credits Featuring Chris Richman, Tiffany Kelly, Reem Seliem, and Desirée DaBice. Theme music by Other Colors. All other music by Jon Ehrens. Executive producer, editor and head writer is Jon Ehrens.

Tell Me About the Post-Dank Period

In this installment: we hear how the savvy minds in political campaign strategy have been so crafty in weaponizing Facebook to sway popular opinion, and elections. And, we’ll listen to a mother-son bond that no amount of White House palace intrigue can change. Finally, EoA alternative rock music critic Jace Bartlove pays tribute to yet another fallen legend of the music world. Credits Featuring Jamie Fountaine and Reem Seliem. Theme music by Other Colors. All other music by Jon Ehrens. Executive producer, editor and hear writer is Jon Ehrens.

Eavesdropping on America

In the premier episode of our new series, we get a chance to listen to the sounds of a typical American marriage. Then, we play a field recording from the campaign office of an incumbent Senator in the midst of a heated reelection race. We end the show with some advice about personal finance with Financial Guru Gregg Gethard. Credits Featuring Rachel Sanders, Nicole Phoenix, Nour Mobarak, Gregg Gethard. Consulting Producers Tiffany Kelley, Dan Whatley, Caleb Paul. Theme Music by Other Colors. All other music by Jon Ehrens. Executive producer, editor, and head writer Jon Ehrens


Eavesdropping on Men: The Final Episode

Before we move on to Eavesdropping on America, we here put together one final edition of our men-centric show. Sometimes, men express themselves through their taste. Our first field recording conveys just what a conversation about personal preference sounds like among men. Then, we listen to what a modern-day parent-teacher conference sounds like. In the next recording, we have audio from inside the Department of Labor, as the bureaucrats there figure out just how to make the president’s campaign promises a reality. We end the show with Legacy Times music critic Don Flint, who will give us his picks for best music of 2017.

Eavesdropping on Men: The Holiday Edition

It’s our holiday special! In this very festive epis-ho-ho-ho-d, we hear a group of men regaling and discussing which holiday of the season means the most to them. In the following recording, we listen to a Thanksgiving dinner for those who do not feel comfortable celebrating at home with their families. Then, despite these tough economic times, one man is able to scrape together enough money to buy gifts for his entire family. We close the show with a personal essay from opinion contributor Ed Feldgellar.

Eavesdropping on Men: The Best Chicken in All of Philadelphia

Our first field recording comes from a restaurant where two men are enjoying the best chicken in all of Philadelphia. Then, we listen in on two men discussing their personal moral boundaries, and when they may find it necessary to boycott a business or individual. We also get a chance to hear a recording from inside a typical suburban family’s kitchen, and how a father talks to his son about sensitive subject matter. Then, music critic Jace Bartlove gives us a music review of the newly released home recorded demos of Morrissey.

Eavesdropping on Men: It’s an Efficient Way to Protest

In this hour, we begin by listening to an average anecdote as being told by an average American man. Then, we hear how the candidacy of Bernie Sanders has affected the minds of the country’s most idealistic youth. Also, we hear the way the tech industry has changed political protests. We end the show with a spoken word poetry performance rap from Yung Truthfire.

Eavesdropping on Men: I’m So Humidity Too, Dude!

We’re in the dog days of summer, so in our first field recording we listen to how two men cope with the oppressive heat. Then, we get to hear what makes a special election so special when get listen to audio of some old fashioned door-to-door campaigning. Finally, we listen in to the almost clairvoyant bond between two adult brothers.

Eavesdropping on Men: Can Any of You Ask Your Moms For Money?

In this month’s field recordings, we get the rare chance to listen to a political conversation between two young men. We also hear the sounds of a business presentation taking place in the increasingly-influential part of the country, Silicon Valley. Finally, we listen to the inaugural meeting of a group of men who miss the camaraderie they once felt in their younger years.

Eavesdropping on Men: I’m Blind, Okay? Keep Reading the Comments.

In this installment of the show, we hear from a man who is not thrilled with how our  our technology-dependent life has turned out. Then we listen in on a man’s first internet date to get some insight into how the online dating world is. So often in today’s world, we’re inundated with the bad actions of men. So, in our third recording, we hear one man who is bucking this trend through altruism.